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Abid Ali Awan


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The data science world is not easy to get started in and employers feel skeptical about hiring data scientists in general. The data scientist performs analysis, data engineering, machine learning, and deployment, so employers don’t know what values they will be getting by hiring you or where do we this…

Building a simple Machine Learning model using Pytorch from scratch.

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Gradient descent is an optimization algorithm that is used to train machine learning models and is now used in a neural network. Training data helps the model learn over time as gradient descent act as an automatic system that tunes…

The Fastai library is now on Julia with similar features available in Python. In this project, we are going to train the Resnet-18 model to classify images from the ImageNet dataset in few steps.

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Introduction to FastAI.jl

The FastAI.jl library is similar to the library in Python and it’s the best way…

A simple mistake in data made me doubt about everything and took me into dark places.

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Sometimes being smart can cost you your sanity. I was giving a technical test for DataCamp summer challenge and within the first 10 minutes, I noticed something was wrong with the data. I checked…

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Singapore has a new milestone of becoming a zero-waste nation as government is worried about the rising number of waste disposal. At the current pace, the Semakau Landfill will run out of space by year 2035 which is an alarming situation for Singaporeans ( Making matters worse, Singapore has limited…

Deep Learning

Designing a deep learning model that will predict degradation rates at each base of an RNA molecule using the Eterna dataset comprising over 3000 RNA molecules.

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mRNA vaccines are at forefront of battling the COVID-19 pandemic and they come with limitations. The stability issue in messenger RNA (mRNA) molecules limits…

Machine Learning

Designing your first machine learning pipeline with a few lines of codes using Orchest. You will learn to preprocess the data, train the machine learning model, and evaluate the results.

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In this article, we will go through all steps required to build a ML (Machine Learning) pipeline. We will be…


Discovering the most popular Machine learning competitive platform in 2021 to showcase your recently acquired skills.

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Reading books on machine learning, taking a 98-hour course,s and developing coding experience is good for a solid foundation but how do you prepare for real-world scenarios? Companies who are looking to hire new…

Natural Language Processing

Using text classifier to predict various categories in Malawi News articles using SMOTE and SGDClassifier.

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Text classification is common among the applications we use on daily basis. For example, email providers use text classification to filter out spam emails from your inbox. The other most common use of text classification…

Data Visualization

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I was given quite simple and at the same time hard tasks by senior management. The data set contains five columns with two of them are categories and the other three were unique Identifiers.

Abid Ali Awan

I am a certified data scientist professional, who loves building machine learning models and blogs about the latest AI technologies.

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