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Recruiters are checking your online presence before contacting you about an interview. They will look for your LinkedIn profile, GitHub, and Kaggle to figure out what value will you bring to their company. The hiring manager will also look for the latest blogs or projects to prepare interview questions so…

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In this project, we will learn how we can build an application programming interface (API) for your machine learning model and then deploy it with simple code. It took me one hour to learn FastAPI and five minutes to learn how to deploy it to Deta servers. We will also…


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Introduction to DVC and DAGsHub

In this guide, we will learn about DVC and how DAGsHub makes it easy for Machine learning engineers to track various experiments. We are going to train our model on a synthesized Titanic dataset and run various experiments based on classification models. In the end, we will visualize and compare…

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Heroku is a famous platform among web developers and machine learning enthusiasts. The platform provides a easy ways to deploy and maintain the web application, but if you are not familiar with deploying deep learning applications, you might struggle with storage and dependence issues.

This guide will make your deployment…

Data Analysis

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There is an imbalance in the education system during the Covid19 pandemic and most of the students don’t even have access to educational tools and online learning platforms. …

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If you ever wonder how Discord bot works and how you can create your own bot that speaks like a certain celebrity or certain character from your favorite cartoon shows that you are at the best place to start. We will be learning how to use HuggingFace API and use…

Opinion, Careers

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There is a hype train going on about ML (Machine Learning) and most of the beginners are getting victims of this hype as they are getting in for the wrong reasons. Your professor will explain how getting a Ph.D. is necessary if you want to get better at machine learning…

Machine Learning

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Alcohol consumption in Russia remains among the highest in the world. According to a 2011 report by the World Health Organization, which makes it the best place to start a beverage business. People love their drinks and the company which owns a chain of stores across Russia that sell a…

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In this project, we will be using Internet News and Consumer Engagement dataset from Kaggle to predict top article and popularity score. We will be exploring our data to discover patterns, such as correlation, distribution, mean, and time series analysis. …

Abid Ali Awan

I love building machine learning models and blogs about the latest AI technologies. 🌐 abidaliawan.me | ☕ ko-fi.com/kingabzpro

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